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My family sitting around a bonfire watching The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard movie on the Timberline Outdoor Cinema 150" Big Moose model in Bridgton, Maine.

I’ve gathered a list of great outdoor accessories to help you enjoy your outdoor movie experience. My movie theaters are designed for year-round use and have included items to keep you cozy warm, and comfortable. I do not sell these items on my website, nor do I get paid a commission for promoting these products and only providing you with some useful items to compliment my cinema packages that I think you would enjoy based on amazon reviews.

Outland Living 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas 24-Inch diameter Fire Pit with 58,000 BTU

What I like about this portable outdoor propane fire pit is that it’s simple and fast to get direct heat for movie night without worrying about getting a wood fire started and maintaining it throughout the movie.

And with close to 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, the reviews speak for themselves. This product is made by Outland Living and sold on Amazon.

Get at Amazon for just $162.

Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with wheels - 46,000 BTU

As we start getting closer to the colder months, compliment your firepit with this great propane heat lamp. During fall and winter, I use a heat lamp to keep my head and back warm while watching movies outside. The firepit will keep the front side of your body warm, and your backside will get cold.

And with close to 6,000 4-1/2-star reviews on Amazon, this is a popular choice. This product is made and sold on Amazon for just $176.

Wool Blankets 4 lbs., warm, heavy, washable, large - great for movies outside

Get one of the heaviest and warmest outdoor blankets available to keep you warm while enjoying a movie outside when temperatures start falling at night.

With close to 500 excellent 5-star reviews on Amazon, you know this blanket keeps people warm when it’s cold outside. Just $45.

Get at Amazon for just $45.

Better Homes & Gardens Azalea Ridge Outdoor Conversation Set with orange cushions

Let’s talk about comfort while watching movies outside around the fire. I personally own this 4-piece set, and it has lasted over four years and still looks brand new. I love this set and it’s perfect for any occasion.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a wicker patio set when you can get this beautiful collection for under $600.

With 4-1/2 star ratings across the internet, this wicker furniture set has the best price at Walmart.

Coleman Handheld Popcorn Popper with long handle

Who doesn’t love popcorn with a movie? Coleman has done it again and came out with this great little handheld popcorn popper to use while sitting around the fire and watching a movie. Get one for everyone around the fire and watch it pop right in front of your eyes over the flames.

What I like about the design of this popcorn popper is the long handle that prevents your hand from burning over the open flame. A cool addition to any firepit.

Get at Amazon for just $26.

OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, foldable, wired and wireless

Use these great wireless headphones if you have neighbors that are close by to ensure they don’t hear your movie outside late at night. These will only work with the ‘wired’ Timberline Series Outdoor Cinema packages I offer on my website.

With over 6,000 great 4-1/2-star reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong at $46 price point.