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Press Release | August 28, 2022

Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company announces new frame supports to Timberline Series Movable Screen Frame System

August 28, 2022, press release announcement of new frame supports for the Movable Outdoor Movie Theater screen frame.

The new Timberline Series Movable Screen Frame set up onsite at the home of the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company.

BRIDGTON, MAINE – August 28, 2022 – The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company, a premier provider of complete outdoor movie theater solutions for homeowners, today announced a significant product enhancement to the Timberline Series Movable Screen Frame. The reinforced screen frame system has added base support to help with stability when moving to different locations on your property, making it the strongest movable screen frame system available.

The movable screen frame has new front bottom 45-degree angle side supports, making the frame solid and sturdy. With the Timberline Movable Screen Frame System, there's no need to break it down and place it back into storage until the next time you use it. Once the frame system is set up on your property, it is designed to remain fully assembled outdoors, allowing for a fast setup so you can start watching your favorite entertainment like you would inside your home.

"The new Timberline Movable Screen Frame makes it easier to move to different locations on your property without putting stress on the frame joints with the added base frame supports and timber-frame hardware," said Todd Morton, owner of the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company. "Adding new base supports to the frame system also allows you to transport the fully assembled screen to your next big outdoor event, such as a family reunion or wedding reception. Get a couple of people, load it onto a flatbed trailer, and take it anywhere.”

Timberline Series Movable Screen Frame Features:

  • Versatile and can be moved and transported to any place where the ground is flat
  • Fastest setup time of 2-3 minutes, allowing you to start watching movies almost immediately
  • Multiple screen hanging options where you can hang a manual pull-down projection screen or a cinematic grommet hole screen
  • The new and improved movable screen frame is now available and included with the purchase of a Timberline Series Movable Outdoor Movie Theater. Customers who bought earlier versions of the movable screen frames will receive a free upgrade where the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company will add on the new side supports.

    About The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company
    Located in Bridgton, a resort area in Maine’s scenic Lakes Region, the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company brings the finest quality craftsmanship of traditional Maine woodworking to the outdoor movie theater experience. Since 2020, Founder Todd Morton has been constructing outdoor movie theater solutions that bring big-screen Hollywood entertainment to homeowners – year-round in the privacy of their backyards. The outdoor movie theaters are designed to be intuitive with a fast and easy set-up; cinema packages come in both wireless or wired and include a pressure-treated wooden screen frame system, cinematic screen, 1080p LED projector, sound system, Roku 4k media player, rechargeable battery station, and a custom lightweight wooden projector and equipment stand.

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