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Press Release | June 30, 2022

Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company unveils new Outdoor Movie Theater Projector Stand

June 30, 2022, press release announcement of new Outdoor Projector Stand.

New outdoor projector stand solves the challenge of getting your projector at the proper height to cast your entertainment onto the projector screen

BRIDGTON, MAINE – June 30, 2022 – The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company today announced the unveiling of the new Timberline Outdoor Projector Stand that solves the challenge of organizing your cinema equipment and getting your projector to cast movies at the proper height onto the projector screen from a series of calculations.

Currently, no outdoor projector stands are available online because manufacturers know that every homeowner with a backyard has a different landscape and movie screen setup, and one size only does not meet everyone's requirements.

The custom outdoor projector stand allows you to organize and store your cinema equipment like your home's entertainment center, where you never need to break down the equipment after use. Handcrafted and built from solid pinewood, the projector stand is sturdy, lightweight and easy to carry.

"When I searched the internet last year to find a projector stand to go with my wireless outdoor movie theaters, there were no options other than the telescopic tripod projector shelf stands, which can not hold or organize all of the necessary cinema equipment," said Todd Morton, founder of the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company. "After a year of designing, building, and testing various outdoor projector stands in my woodshop, I came up with a design that organizes the cinema equipment and a formula that calculates the proper height that the projector needs to be at to cast movies perfectly onto the projector screen."

Timberline Outdoor Projector Stand Features:

  • Organizes all of your cinema equipment like your home's entertainment center, allowing for a fast and easy setup to start watching movies
  • Customizable design allows for unlimited cinema equipment to be stored on the shelves
  • Built from solid wood, it is sturdy and has built-in adjustable foot legs to help level when placed on the ground outside
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry outside to your outdoor movie theater setup
  • The Timberline Outdoor Projector Stand is now available and included with purchasing a new outdoor movie theater. If you already have an outdoor movie theater setup and need a custom projector stand, they are available for $299.

    About The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company
    Located in Bridgton, a resort area in Maine’s scenic Lakes Region, the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company brings the finest quality craftsmanship of traditional Maine woodworking to the outdoor movie theater experience. Since 2020, Founder Todd Morton has been constructing outdoor movie theater solutions that bring big-screen Hollywood entertainment to homeowners – year-round in the privacy of their backyards. The outdoor movie theaters are designed to be intuitive with a fast and easy set-up; cinema packages come in both wireless or wired and include a pressure-treated wooden screen frame system, cinematic screen, 1080p LED projector, sound system, Roku 4k media player, rechargeable battery station, and a custom lightweight wooden projector and equipment stand.

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