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BRIDGTON NEWS | June 25, 2020

By Wayne E. Rivet – Staff Writer for the Bridgton News

Bring Movies and Gaming Outdoors

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Todd Morton has had a diverse working career. He has done construction, finish carpentry and built a couple of log homes. And he worked 25 years as an Internet marketer and website designer. Now he hopes to add the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company to his professional accomplishments.

“I want to create an outdoor experience that the entire family will enjoy,” he said.

Todd has always had a great appreciation for the outdoors and grew up in northern Vermont. His true passions have always been working outdoors and nature. For years, Todd thought about putting up a backyard movie screen for years and started testing various outdoor set ups that turned out to be flimsy or too cumbersome to setup and watch.

During the winter, Todd continued researching outdoor cinema setups but found most failed to hold up due to uneven ground conditions and wind. “I brainstormed for months how I could set up a sturdy, rugged stationary movie screen frame, that I wouldn’t have to inflate or deflate at the end of the movie and make it look aesthetically clean on my property,” he said.

Todd built a pressure-treated movie screen frame, which can easily be moved by two people. All hardware used on the outdoor wooden frame is weather-resistant galvanized and stainless steel. “This frame is built to last,” he said. The cinematic polyester screens come in three sizes – 96”, 120” and 150” and attach to the frame with grommet holes and stainless steel hooks. To put the screen on the frame takes less time than it does to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, Todd said.

“You can set up the wireless outdoor cinema anywhere on your property. After watching my first movie outside, I knew other homeowners would love this experience. Being outside in the fresh air seeing the galaxy of stars and moon is incredible, nothing beats the experience,” he said. I envision people watching movies outside with family and friends, having Halloween parties in October, watching the Super Bowl, all you need to stay warm in the cooler months is a good old fashion campfire or a propane heat lamp. And with social distancing, you can spread out lawn chairs and still safely watch a movie, sporting event, play video games together with friends.”

The HD Wi-Fi projector (which is positioned six to seven feet away from the screen) sets on either a projector stand or a custom-build cedar projector stand with shelves. The off-grid battery station powers the outdoor cinema where there’s no need to run any extension cords out to the electronic components. And the off-grid battery comes with a built-in flashlight to help with finding your way back inside.

He offers three packages: 96” Jedi Bobcat, perfect for the ultimate gaming experience, $2,499; the 120” Bella Bear, best for watching movies and streaming your favorite shows, $2,399; and 150” Big Moose, a great option for restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, and other outdoor seating venues such as summer camps, $2,899.

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